I have designed and built several hundred web sites. Some of these are linked from this site. I have given several presentations, many workshops, and I write a column about using E-mail, FTP, the Web, and related issues. The important this is the beauty of old things restored new, whether that is a website or a car and that brings me to some of the other writings I have constructed over the years. Sometimes the articles are about classic cars for sale in Maine. A classic car is similar to an old website restoration in that, it probably had good parts but wasn't cared for over the years and needs a little help getting back on the road or internet. Many of the techniques used in this site are described and links provided to the columns that explain how you can implement them. I love being a website developer and desiger but the real passion is in being the best SEO in Maine and being able to get people's information in front of the right audiance everyday!

This site is for people who have an interest in:

  • electric power engineering (as professionals and students)
  • developing web pages and finding out about the internet
  • my other interests (dogs, genealogy and golf)

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